Edinburgh Marathon

Staying healthy!

A different kind of project, but important nonetheless. I had been slacking a bit at the end of 2022, not doing much sport. I had also been claiming throughout that year that I would run a marathon someday. Thus, to not get the reputation of a big mouth, and to stay healthy, I committed to the Edinburgh Marathon. What better way to get to learn the city you just moved to than running 42km through it, right?

Apparently, it is a great first marathon as there is almost no elevation gain. The route starts in the city centre, close to the University of Edinburgh’s McEwan Hall. It then brings you to the sea, near Portobello beach. From there, you run along the coastline and at some point turn back, all the way to Musselburgh.

I had run a half-marathon before, on my own in Belgium. So, I was not completely unexperienced. My claims may or may not have said that I would run a marathon without any specific training scheme. I chose to abandon those though. My goal is to run it in under 4-hours. I found a training scheme specifically for that online:

While writing this, I just finished week 7. Next week I am supposed to run 24km. However, on that sunday the Meadows Marathon is happening. I registered for the half-marathon, just to get a feel for how such events go down.

The marathon itself is on the 28th of May 2023. If all goes well, you will find some pictures here from that day, the week after!